The Giant Under the Snow

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First published in 1968, THE GIANT UNDER THE SNOW created a fascinating world of magic, ancient evil and curses long before Harry Potter and His Dark Materials.Three children find an ornate Celtic buckle. To them it's treasure, a fantastic find. They have no idea that it has awakened a giant who has lain at rest for centuries. Little do they know that an evil warlord and his Leathermen have also awaited this moment, this chance to wield their deadly power. In a chilling tale full of menace and suspense the final battle between good and evil must be fought.This is a story that transcends age. Beautifully written, subtle and evocative, THE GIANT UNDER THE SNOW transports the reader into an intensely atmospheric world where the imagination knows no bounds.

Author(s) Book :John Gordan
Publish Year :1970 Publisher :
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