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Now, it is easier than ever before to understand complex mathematical concepts and formulas and how they relate to real-world business situations. All you have to do it apply the handy information you will find in Business Math For Dummies. Featuring practical practice problems to help you expand your skills, this book covers topics like using percents to calculate increases and decreases, applying basic algebra to solve proportions, and working with basic statistics to analyze raw data. Find solutions for finance and payroll applications, including reading financial statements, calculating wages and commissions, and strategic salary planning.

Navigate fractions, decimals, and percents in business and real estate transactions, and take fancy math skills to work. You’ll be able to read graphs and tables and apply statistics and data analysis. You’ll discover ways you can use math in finance and payroll investments, banking and payroll, goods and services, and business facilities and operations. You’ll learn how to calculate discounts and markup, use loans and credit, and understand the ins and outs of math for business facilities and operations. You’ll be the company math whiz in no time at all! Find out how to: Read graphs and tables Invest in the future Use loans and credit Navigate bank accounts, insurance, budgets, and payroll Calculate discounts and markup Measure properties and handle mortgages and loans Manage rental and commercial properties

Complete with lists of ten math shortcuts to do in meetings and drive your coworkers nuts and ten tips for reading annual reports, Business MathFor Dummies is your one-stop guide to solving math problems in business situations.

From the Back Cover

Features tons of formulas and practice problems to hone your skills

The fun and easy way to do financial computations to be successful in business

Are you baffled by business math? Never fear — this easy-to-understand guide explains complex formulas and concepts in plain English and shows you how to use them day to day on the job. From using basic algebra to solve proportions and statistics to analyze data to reading financial statements, calculating wages and commissions, and managing investments, you'll gain the skills you need to conduct real-world business.

Discover how to:

Apply formulas and theories to everyday business

Navigate payroll situations

Use formulas in spreadsheets

Manage inventory or properties

Improve your analytical thinking

Author(s) Book :Mary Jane Sterling
Publish Year :2008 Publisher : Wiley
You can check by ISBN10/ISBN13 : 0470233311/9780470233313
Pages :402

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